Robert McGregor

Bob, born in 1960, was 8 year veteran mountaineer of North Shore Rescue and the Training Officer for the group at the time of his tragic death on a team training session in the Tantalus Range. He was 28 years old. In the words of his father; “Bob was a great fellow and lived for hiking, skiing and climbing. He did a considerable amount of climbing in Peru and Bolivia at a early age and was excited when accepted by the North Shore Rescue group”

A memorial plaque placed in the Tantalus Range reads:

May Bob’s spirit remain alive 
in these peaks. 
and may his soul continue to find
mountains to climb.  
Bob was taken from us suddenly 
on Mt Tantalus August 5th, 1989. 
The members of North Shore Rescue Team Society’

North Shore Rescue named their Rope Rescue Catwalk “McGregor Walk” after Bob.