Marcel Andrie

Marcel Andrie immigrated to Canada from Switzerland. He started Lions Bay Search and Rescue in the basement of his home in Lions Bay. Early call outs were supported by his wife Heidi in the kitchen making chilli, and his daughter Nadine running phone messages.

On April 30th 1994 while on a SAR training trip in Tetrahedron park with 2 others SAR members and a family friend, Marcel suffered a cardiac arrest and died. He was 59.

A bridge was built in his name crossing Harvey creek on the way to the Lions. This tribute is especially fitting as SAR members found crossing the creek in that location while carrying equipment or an injured subject particularly difficult. Marcel was happy to construct solutions to challenges found in the field of SAR. He rigged up and tested out quite a few systems to move patients more smoothly and safely down the mountain. He was invitational in his leadership and instigated many a fun training weekend adventure. He was remarkable at finding roles for anyone who wanted to help out on the team.