Ken Sandberg

Ken-SandbergKen was a driving force within the Campbell River SAR group, a team leader, SAR Manager, executive member and accomplished rope rescue team leader. Ken had a passion for SAR and helping people. Ken loved the outdoors and was always organizing group hikes and adventures; he traveled the world and took great photos along the way.

Ken was motivated to make the way Campbell River SAR functioned as a group better.

He spearheaded executive changes that streamlined process and made the running of the group a more transparent and democratic process. Ken loved to teach and was a GSAR/GSTL instructor who loved to share his knowledge with new recruits. His abilities in the field put much younger guys to shame and we all strived to keep up with Ken on calls. Ken was first to sign up for projects, fundraising and adventure and dedicated his time unselfishly. Tragically Ken had to participate in the search for his own son when he went missing and was never found after falling overboard on a fishing trip.

Ken rose above the tragedy and continued to serve the people of British Columbia until his own tragic sudden death at work, killed in a mining accident. Ken left behind a wife from a recent marriage, two daughters and grandchildren. Ken’s legacy and presence is still felt amongst us in Campbell River and we miss him.