The BC SARA is a registered, non profit society and was formed in the Fall of 2002 in order to access funding for additional training, health and safety programs for SAR volunteers and to provide prevention programs at the provincial level.

In order to provide equal representation to all Association members, the 80 Search and Rescue Groups and five have been divided into regions and each region is represented by either one or two directors. The directors represent specific SAR groups in each region or portion of the region.

  • Represent the interests of BC SAR volunteers
  • Access incremental funds and other corporate donations on a provincial scale
  • Provide and promote factual information about how the volunteer SAR service is delivered
  • Promote prevention strategies

The BC Search and Rescue Association's official position is that we do not support charging people for search and or rescue. read the position statement from the board of directors.

In order to access funds, the association has to present a wide-ranging program. The resulting mix of programs is intended to cover a spectrum of SAR activities that addressed preventative strategies, health & safety (first aid) and specialized training.

There is nothing to prevent other corporate donations being directed to other programs that fall within the general scope of volunteer SAR. The guiding principle of the BC SAR Association is that the results it achieves should benefit SAR volunteers province-wide.

The Board of Directors of the BC SAR Association includes one or two volunteer SAR representatives from each region of the province, agency representatives from the RCMP, BCAS, Municipal Police, Fire Chief's Association of BC, and Justice Institute of BC. All directors are voting members. The Board elects four officers annually - the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

All elections begin with the filing of nomination papers by the candidates. Nomination papers are filed with the Secretary of the Association between January 15th and January 30th. Campaigning will take place during the month of February.

There is no requirement for a seconder to accompany a nomination paper, nor is there a requirement for any candidate to have a list of supporters in support of his/her nomination.

Once nominations have closed, a candidate is entitled to be declared elected by acclamation if he/she is the only registered candidate for a specific office.

If two or more nominations are received for any director's position there will be an election process, which culminates in the casting of ballots.

Each nominated candidate is entitled to produce a single campaign document that will fit onto one 8 1/2 X 11 inch page. The campaign document will be distributed electronically by the Association Secretary to the SAR Groups and/or Initial Response Teams eligible to cast ballots for that director position. The document will also be posted on the Association's web site.

Candidates are entitled to visit with SAR Groups and/or Initial Response Teams that are eligible to vote for them in order to campaign but the Association will not assist a candidate in visiting individual groups or teams.

Newly elected directors will begin their term of office at the start of the Annual General Meeting.

The BC SAR Association will represent your interests, both provincially and nationally by:

  • Actively promoting volunteer SAR (by way of a web site) in order to educate the general public on how the service is delivered. The anticipated result is that there will be a consistent, accurate and professional-quality reference point to which all inquiries can be directed.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas between SAR groups and SAR volunteers.
  • Actively soliciting funding on a provincial basis and distributing those funds equitably and appropriately to bone-fide BC SAR groups
  • Acting in the best interests of all BC SAR volunteers on any dealings with other agencies, partners and stakeholders